Saturday, October 24, 2009

Coming up in episode 7

After a brief hiatus the popular "dictaphone" segment will return to the Speakeasy. In addition to re-interpreting the news we will also be featuring a radio drama featuring 3 one minute acts. There are some rewrites that have to occur between now and air time due to the violent nature of the writing. Matt has also instructed John to not start any of his songs while he is still talking. In other words we might never hear any of Matt's songs. Since it will be the last show before Halloween you can expect a flavor of little chocolate bars and needles in apples. Don't forget, if you miss a show you can always refer to our archive on the upper left of this page. Now leave me alone so I can continue to create.

John Bateman
Web Master-Bateman


  1. Upper left? Whose "left"? You looking at me through the internets, saying "left"?

    It's too late to listen to you on the radio now, John - but I've got you bookmarked... keeping my ear peeled for you.

  2. Sorry Luke,
    They are listed at the top of the right column under "The Speakeasy Archive".